Child labour and exploitation Nearly a quarter of a million children, or 16 out of every 100 children worldwide, are engaged in exploitative child labour—in violation of Convention on the Rights of the Child and international labour standards. Almost three-quarters of them work in hazardous environments, such as mines or factories, or with dangerous substances, such as chemicals. I feel very strongly about the conditions these labile children work being explioted by the cruel society. The majority of child labourers are “invisible” – hidden from sight and behind the reach of the law. Many of these children are not only being exploited, they are often being denied education, basic health care, adequate nutrition, leisure time and the safety and security of their families and communities. In general, girls' domestic work is the most invisible of all and there is some evidence that girls may constitute the majority of child workers.I think concrete steps shouls be taken in favour of these children who are being deprived of their Right To Education constantly and those people whobsupport such activities should be put behind the bars.
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