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The main Characters in O Henry's Best Seller are:
1. John A Pescud
* John is not particularly good looking.
* He is a travelling salesman for a plate glass company.
* He was an old acquiantance of the narrator.
* Much successful John had had his salary raised twice in the previous year and   his company was to give him afew shares as well.
* His Philosophy: A man should be decent and law abiding in her/his home town.
* He is a hypocrite.He mocks the stories of the best sellers calling them unrealistic.However, in real life he himself follows a girl like the hero of some best seller.He later marries that girl.

2. Colonel Allyn
   Colonel Allyn was a tall,old man with a smooth face and white hair and looked    as proud as Julius Caesar. Although he wore shabby clothes, his personality      was such that the writer feels that in his presence the place seem to light up.   On the one hand, he seem to be very strict but talking to Pescud                       surprisingly.He took a great liking to him. He was very fond of telling stories       and listening to them. This is evident from the following statements made by       him."The relating of anecdotes and humourous occurences has always seem     to me, Mr.Pecud, to be a particularly agreeable way of promoting and       perpetuating amenities between friends." Thus, he can said to be a friendly   person with a strict and proud look.

3. Jessie
 * Fine looking and pretty
 * Only daughter of Colonel Allyn belonging to the oldest family in Virginia.
 * Proud of her aristrocratic lineage and rich mansion.
 * Appearence is deceptive.
 * Obsevant and Perceptive.
 * Very proud of the fact that her father was the lineal descendent of belted           earls.
 * Attracted to Pescud.
4. The Writer
 *  Observant- observes people etc. in the train.
 *  happy to meet Pescud, his old acquiantance.
 *  inquisitive - wanted to know more about Pescud.

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