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The non cooperation movement was spreaded through out India by: .........As tenants the farmers had no security of tenure . The peasant movement demanded reduction of revenue,abolition of begar and social boycott of oppressive landlords.......Peasants were were led by baba ramchandra, a sanyasi. The movement was against talukdars and landlords..... ..... The landlords and talukdars demanded exorbitantly high rents and other cases. Peasants had to do begat and work at landlords farms without any payment....In many places ,nai-dhobi bandhs were organized by panchayats to deprive landlords of the services of barbers and washermen................Rebellion in the Countryside:From the cities, the Non-Cooperation Movement spread to the countryside. It drew into its fold the struggles of peasants and tribals which were developing in different parts of India in the years after the war. So this were the reasons
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