It's better to read books than watching television because , reading books gives us extra knowledge and off course it increases your vocabulary and it enriches your English  language. And any another language you want and read books is an adding activity which adds to your personality , and the new words which you read try to use it in your
every day's life.  By reading books we can write any essay or any comprehension very effectively.
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As you know TV is said an "idiot box" because you don't have to think anything, you don't need to make your mind exercise but you just have to sit comfortably and watch it. A knowledge giving thing is a book. a world of thoughts, a way to get out of depression, sometimes a way to give yourself some rest or peace. Everything that human ancestors found or learnt how do we know that ? by books obviously. TV has about 500 or may be more channels but books have crossed the lines up to 10,000...! A variety and number of knowledge can be got by reading books than watching TV. I end my words here thank you very much for listening me and may you have a good day..
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