Your school recently conducted the school annual day write the news report including following details date ,chief guest,his messages special invites cultural programmes etc,,,,,

chiiiiiii pagal r u in alfa only a dnt no how to write atleast a newsreport


As you know that our school celebrated a prosperous annual day recently on xx-xx-xxxx. The preparations of this day started from one month ago while the principal was really concerned for students studies and so both the activities annual day preparation and studies were going along. 
On the day, program started at 5:00 pm. Collector sir, Mayer mam and a well known businessman of the city were invited as chief guests. They all were welcomed by a bunch of beautiful flowers and a song . Now the program was started by prize giving ceremony which was to be done by the chief guests. The students who were getting prize sat in a disciplined manner, took the prize on the turn and sat again on the given space. On the finishing of the following activity, Chief Guests saw the performances prepared by students in the guidance of a particular teacher. 
In singing section students came and sang songs, recited poems written by them.
In the drama section the impressive dramas were able to make the people think about the sensitive topics and comedy dramas were able to make people laugh loudly.
In dance section both classical and western dances which were prepared by our Dance teacher and everyone loved seeing the students co-operating with each other.
On the other hand the small children also gave there best at the program and were praised very much.
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