G-88,heritage colony
                                                                                          january 21,2015
dear friend,
           Hope you are fine and your family too.i am going good .is there any thing new?i got your previous letter and am happy to knew that you enjoyed your trip well.
          i am writing this letter to inform you the dramatic scene that had happened last day as if the climax of a movie. didn't I mentioned you about bills practise for the 20 round contest between Bill and jimmy murphy? yesterday,to my shock,i heard knock at the door and bill entered.then after a long enquiry i got the tid-bits of what had heppened. actually i found a doting father in him.all he thought was about Harold and he didnt want him to die of disgrace by knowing that his father is a professional boxer he was ready to sacrifise everything for his son.The fame he  gets,the sum he gets,the future he gets-everything worth a penny in front of him when he thinks of Harold.he loves harold that much that nothing in the universe could break the bond b/t them. and harold loved him back the same way,that even at the time he realised the play we played in front of him,he didn't even blamed but supported instead.Now,everything is back to the normal and wish to be the same in the was the day when i realised a father's love to his child-the most unbreakable affection. am stopping.hope more letters.
                                                                                       your's lovingly,