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Genotype : Genitic constitution if an individual for any character due to whi ch it expresses it self is called genotype. ( Genitic composition of an organism). Eg : TT , Tt or tt. Phenotype : The physical expression of any character is called its phenotype.(Externally , visible characters.). EG : Tallness, dwarfness, redflower,etc.
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Genotypic ratio is the ratio of genetically different offsprings and Phenotypic ratio is the ratio of phenotypically different organisms.
Take the example of 2nd generation of Mendel's Pea plant experiment. The second generation offsprings were: Tall(TT), Tall(Tt), Tall(Tt), Dwarf(tt).

The genotype are: TT, Tt, Tt and tt.
Genotypic ratio = TT:Tt:tt = 1:2:1

The phenotypes are: Tall and Dwarf
Phenotypic ratio = Tall : Dwarf = 3:1
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