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No, not well developed but it is not that also that India is very backward.Many known scientists have discovered and invented much that is really very helpful in our lives.Their no shortage of talent.The government should pay their most of the attention in making the youth more aware to present science so that they could do better in future.
There need to be some improvement but i m sure one day INDIA will reach the heights.

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No, India doesn't lack in talent.many Indians are very much talented and has achieved appraisals in their respective fields.
All I can say is Indian government need to encourage such talented people.
Indian government need to play a predominant role in getting rid of corruption prevailing and should not encourage
activities which give rise to corruption.
Well this is one of the most challenging question that India is facing right now.
India have top brains from various institutions like IITs, IIMs,etc still do not know how to use them. Development is only possible if individuals think that they can develop. Here people focus more on how to put others down rather on how to grow. Here brains do not get right career so they move abroad.

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