Turn the following into Indirect Speech:

1). 'What do you want?' he said to her.

2). When the Brahmin approached, the first thief said, 'Why do you carry a dog on your back? Are you not ashamed?'

3). 'Are you coming home with me?' he asked.

4). She said to him, 'What is it that makes you so much stronger and braver than any other man?'

5). 'Have you anything to tell me,little bird?' asked Ulysses.




1. He asked her what she wanted.

2. When the Brahmin approached, the first thief asked didn't he feel ashamed carrying a dog on his back.

3. He asked if I was coming home with him.

4. She asked him what him stronger and braver than others.

5.Ulysses asked the little bird if it had got anything to tell him.

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