pyramid of biomass-a graphical representation designed to show the quantity of living matter(biomass)at each tropic level in a given ecosystem.

pyramid of energy-a graphical representation designed to show the quantity of energy present at each tropic level in a given ecosystem.        

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Biomass shows us that total dry weight of the organisms in the tropic level ex. 100,000 kg of plants are eaten by 100,000 grasshopper which are eaten by 100 kg birds which area eaten by a kg snake.
an energy pyramid shows us the energy flow in an environment, producers will always have the most energy followed by first degree co-sumer and the secondary consumer.
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 pyramid of biomass and pyramid of energy both are ecological pyramids only
pyramid of biomass represents the availability of food at each trophic level where as pyramid of energy represents the availability of energy at each trophic level.
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