Q 1: Raju bought a buffalo for rs. 10000 and a cow for rs. 7500. He sold the buffalo at a loss of 12% and the cow at a gain of 20%. Find his total gain or loss percent.
Q 2: By selling a watch for rs. 900, a man gains 20%. Find the C.P and Gain of the watch.
Q 3: A dealer loses 20%, if he sells an article for rs. 45. At what price should we sell the article, if he wants to gain 20%.
Q 4: By selling a book for rs. 132 a man gains 20%. What is the C.P of the book?

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These are the notations I'm gonna use,
Cost Price → P
Selling Price → P+∆P
Profit (or) Loss → ∆P
Relative Profit (or) Relative Loss → \frac{\Delta P}{P}

1. P_{1}=10000, P_{2}=7500, \frac{\Delta P_{1}}{P_{1}}=-0.12, \frac{\Delta P_{2}}{P_{2}} = +0.20
Hence, Net Gain (or) Net Loss is \Delta P_{1}+\Delta P_{2}=(-0.12)(10000)+(+0.20)(7500)=300.
Relative Net Gain\frac{\Delta P_{1}+ \Delta P_{2}}{P_{1}+P_{2}}=\frac{(-0.12)(10000)+(+0.20)(7500)}{(10000)+(7500)} = 0.01714.
Gain Percent is 1.714%.

2. P+\Delta P=900, \frac{\Delta P}{P}=+0.20
Hence, P=750,  \Delta P=+150.
Cost Price is 750 and Profit is 150.

3. Let 'P' be the price of article, then P+\Delta P_{o}=45, \frac{\Delta P_{o}}{P}=-0.20.
Hence, Cost Price (P) is 56.25.
Now,  \frac{\Delta P}{P}=+0.20.
Then Selling Price (P+∆P) is 67.5.

4. We have, P+\Delta P =132, \frac{\Delta P}{P}=+0.20.
Then, Cost Price (P) is 110.

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