In her letter to the Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi was so cynical , in her letter to the Prime Minister,enough to say that only 25,000 suicides have taken place in Karnataka, since the Congress party assumed power in the state,while it was in contrast to 50,000during in the previous regime. And Mallikarjuna Kharge, the Home Minister of Karnataka, blames the opposition parties for making hue and cry over the recent suicides, as according to him, only 600 farmers have committed suicide this year in comparison to 650, last year. TheoWhile the opposition parties in the state have not gone beyond the demanding for waiving bank loans and reducting electricity tariffs, while the state government is busy deciding the eligibility for a compensation of Rs.1 lakh.

Farmers’ suicides are a sad commentary on the impact of liberalization policies that made agriculture unremunerative. Neither the ruling party nor the opposition parties, including the party of the ‘farmer’ Devea Gowda, are prepared to confront the reality and address the issues squarely.

Of course, so many problems are involved – ranging from the severe, unrelentingnon-stop drought conditions, skyrocketinged infrastructural and input costs, crashing prices for outputs, exorbitant rates of interest for loans coupled with extra- economic coercion by money lenders,and middlemen,, traders, etc. If he drought wasbeen the all-pervading cause, the suicides would have got confined mainlyit is not to the drought-ridden North Karnataka region. In contrast, even in Kaveri irrigated areas like Maddur taluk of Mandya district, the Chief Minister’s own constituency, many people have diedresorted to suicide.

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