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(18/3)*(12/3)*(9/3) = (6)(4)(3) = 72 cubes can be cut out.
It's because we consider 3 cm as one unit.
Just as 3×3×3 dimension cube consists of 27 cubes of edge length 1cm which is same as one cube of edge length 3cm.
Hence, 18×12×9 dimension cuboid consists of 1944 cubes of edge length 1cm which is same as 72 cubes of edge length 3cm.
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18/3 × 12/3 × 9/3 = 6 × 4 × 3 = 72
therefore 72 cubes can be made
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can you explain it
by the question given each dimension should be three for each cube so each dimension have to divide by three
thank you for explaining me but can you tell me some other method aloso
are you answering