I wish to have good roads laid in my locality. I will include that in my plan. I would implement that a library be available nearby. We should have also a community hall for holding functions together. People are finding difficulty in finding function halls and also, they are expensive.

I would like that there are some security persons and goorkhas to go around during the night time to prevent thefts.

I would like to form a cooperative society or welfare society for our locality. Every one in this locality will contribute towards the society. The funds will be used for common good.  We can hold some religious festivals once during a year. We can organize sports meet, quiz and other interesting games for students. We can help poor students in the locality by passing used books, goods, clothes, electronic appliances through the society.

We can forward our requests to the local government through the society too.

We would like to construct a good park for morning and evening walks for every one.

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