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dears granny and granpa,
                                     i hope you two are in good health by the grace of god.i received your letter in which you two wanted me to describe that how i had spend my winter vacations .i am writing this letter to fulfil you demand.
                                     actually this winter vacations was my life's worst vacation i have ever had.honestly saying , i did not go to any place to enjoy my self.all these happened because of my school teacher strictly told that i have to submit it on the day the school reopens.i was very busy in taking out the informations from the internet and especially the pictures.i also had to print them for sticking on my project.after this i had to write and decorate my project as this way , my whole winter vacations was over.
                                     ufortunately , this time i could not enjoy myself but i hope that my next vacation will be awesome.i hope to see you soon.till then good bye , have a lovely day.looking forward for a quick reply from you two.
                                                                              your loving grand daughter,                                                                                              sania.
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