The meaning of this word is save girl child & improve education of girl child.this improve can improves the development of India.some peoples didn't like girls and kill the girls.this is very sad in this days so government take care of it.beacause in time during the marages the bride should give dovery to the a days dovery is very high amount starting from 5 or 6 lacks.poor peoples can not give such they did not want some villages girls are not allowed to educate.they are for only cooking E.T.C.some of the girls are doing works in hotelsĀ the government provide 1098 help line.


so,today's topic is beti padao beti i have to write this essay in enligh i will just transform this topic into now the topic is educate girls save girls.this topic seems very interesting .

i usually start all my essays and speeches with quotes but i will not do so in this essay .instead i will start this essay with the explaination of this topic.

"beti bachao beti padao" or "educate girls save girls" :

these four words looks very simple but if implemented can change our nation's future.these four words actually mean that if girds are taught , they can save themselves which in turn will result in the saving of our nation.

now i will talk a bit about the position of girls in the earlier times.
earlier , girls were not given much importance.they were not allowed to study.they were there just to do works of the house.they didn't had the right to keep their opinion in front of others.they were just tortured.

now , its time to talk about the present.the position of girls at present has gone to a very high level.they are now allowed to study.they have all the right that the boys have.but their are still people who doesn't wants the girls to be educated.they needs to make them understand that their thoughts are not correct.

if this happens then our nation will reach new educating girls , we will be able to save them as well.they will no more be dependent on others instead they will be able to protect themselves.

so lets come toward and take a promise that from now all our girls will be given the right to be educated.