First of all I need to make him understand how we must regard books with respect. the books are invaluable no matter to whom it belongs to. It may be the sense that it belongs to a library and not his property that prompts him to tear pages. I will surely tell him that we are responsible too to take care of the books in a library as responsible citizens. We must learn to grow up as assets to the nation and not as hooligans. A person who is not able to take care of a book properly, how will he lead the country tomorrow? Secondly, we must not learn to destroy something. If it is another's property, surely we must be extra cautious not to spoil it. I will certainly warn him, if he doesn't come out of his bad behaviour, I will have to report it to the authorities. I shouldn't hesitate to do so too because to be able to correct him is my first priority and it is my duty too as his friend. though he may not like it now. he would be thankful for it later on. If required I will take the support of elders too to get him out of this habit which is bad for him and all around him.
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first of all i advice him in a polite way because any on can convince/ change with our words when we handle them/ speak with them in a polite way such that they can understand all my words clearly and take them in a positive way. so i give an advice to him like this:
Advice: 'Could you please stop tearing pages from books?'
and another way  is to have closely with him such that he will  do whatever we say
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