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Adventure is popularly sought by people today who work hard to eke out a living and then fall into the sameness of routine life. Human nature seeks variety while routine becomes monotonous too soon. Monotony causes frustration and kills enthusiasm. Hence, short weekends breaks that offer adventure are taken more these days.
Hills are the popular destination of all alike. River rafting, mountaineering, skiing and trekking hold fascination, especially for younger generation, who can still rough it out. Camping in freshness and splendor of natural surroundings is a unique experience. Waking up to the music of the call of the birds is music to the ears for the city dwellers who are used to only honking and blaring noise.

These mountaineering also proves to be harmful as one may slip of the mountain and hurt or even kill themselves. As for river rafting if the boat hits any rock they can topple the ones sitting in it and they may die by the fast water current.

Adventure sports play an important role in shaping and developing the personality of a person. Thus adventure proves to be great even for health. 

Adventure is risky,sometimes we can died also by doings this dangeres activities like climbing mountains,jumpings,going to the know more see man vs wild.