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Jean Valjean Reformatory
23rd January, 2015
Venerable Father
Faith can move mountains.You blessed and I got a new life. I became a 'man' again. I went to Paris to start a new life. I sold the silver candlesticks and got a good amount to start life afresh. I invested the money in business and it made me a prosperous man. With the money earned, I started a reformatory for ex-convicts. They say hate the sin but never the sinner. Everyone is gifted with a human heart. Feelings of compassion,pity and sympathy are never dead in man. They may hibernate for a period of time. But someone like you can rekindle them. Even the hardest of criminal can be transformed into a 'man' again. The reformatory's main focus is to arouse human kindness, sympathy and compassion for our fellow beings. We make them earn money through various handicrafts and cottage trades. I hope you will oblige all of us by your noble presence and bless us to achieve our aim.
Yours sincerely
Jean Valejean        
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