Take a balloon & blow it .then paste newspaper strips.then dry it . blast the balloon.
cut the item in half. paint it in pink. then cut curly strips of news paper. then again paint it in pink. put the strips on down of it. a jelly fish is ready.
Materials required : newspapers, fevicol, hot glue gun, cardboard, paints
1. cut 65 squares out of the newspapers. all the squares should be equal.(you can make as many as you like)
2. take a square and apply fevicol on one side. then flip it and put fevicol on the other side.
3. then crush the square and make it into a paper ball. make all the squares into paper balls in the same way. 
4. let them dry. after that paint them. you can use as many colors as you like. but make sure that all are in the same number. let the paint dry.
5. make two circles on the cardboard and cut them out. then stick them together to make a strong base.
6.then paste the balls on the edge of the base. see that there is a gap in the middle. stick them with the help of hot glue gun. stack them on top of each other.
7. then put a drop of fevicol on the joints of the balls. it is to make the structure strong so it is not mandatory.
8. let the glue dry. you pen stand from newspaper is ready. it is an easy paper craft from a newspaper.