Land Breeze ---

Land breeze blows from Land to Sea, They are also called Off-Shore Breeze and
These winds blows at Night Time.

Sea Breeze ----

Sea Breeze blows from Sea to Land . They are also called On-Shore Breeze and these winds blows during Day time
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We know that sand gets warm up earlier than water and also gets cooler faster. Due to this during day time when soil gets heated up the air above it also wants faster and rise up leaving the place vacant which filled by the air which was cooler because of the water that was cool at that time. This is known as sea breeze. But during evening the water remain s hot while the sand remains cool at this time it is the air above the water that rises and the vacant place is filled by air from land which is known as land breeze. In short movement of air from sea to land is called sea breeze and movement of air from land to water is called land breeze