Heal the baby girl. Her smile heals the world. 

Opportunity. Give the girl child a chance. 

Care, because she does it selflessly. 

From a child to a mother. Lets us build a path for her. 

Be bold to stop violence. Show your concern for the girl child. 

A baby is divine grace. Say no to sex detection tests. 

Joy at every stage. Welcome the baby girl. 

Dress her in frills. Don’t encourage child labour. 

Vaccinations to eradicate maladies and love to just let her ‘be’.
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man thinks he is a “HERO” but if he kills “HER” he’ll just remain a “0”.

every man needs a mother, wife, sister then why not a daughter?

Give girls the wings to fly, Not the pain to cry and die.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice, Erase Girls from the future and we’ll all pay the price.

Don’t be cold, Girls are worth more than gold.

she makes the world bright, but still struggles to see light.

Girls are great, Don’t destroy their fate.

Daughters are ANGLES sent from above to fill our HEART with unending LOVE.

Let your daughter grow, Be her friend not her foe.

Don’t kill girl in womb when she might bring country to gloom.

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child is the father of man