education is very important for us.each an every one of us need to gain education.there are still many children who cannot gain education because of poverty.we need education to be equal to all the people.

we all need to be educated to make our india more advanced.usually people think that  girl cant study or she does not need to gain education.but this is absolutely false.girls are very important part of our society and they must be is very important as it helps us to earn money with out which we are totally incomplete.all these were the good effects of education.

there are many adverse affects as gives a lot of pressure on the children.the children sometimes fall ill because of this pressure.they cannot go for a trip and always lessen the burden of education.the children does not even get time to perform other activities like dance , painting , singing etc which are also very important for us to keep our creativity alive.

the parents have to work a lot.along with us our parents are also as a fact the teachers should not give much homework.instead teach the children in the school itself.they cannot wear good clothes and go out for spending time with their families because of this burden.sometimes we are too tired and at such times we behave rudely with our elders.