I got all A1 in FA1, all A1 in SA1 A2 in english & A1 in other subject.i got all B2 in PSA. if i get all A1 in SA2,will i be able to score 10 cgpa in 10??

this year's 10th class batch is this the last batch able 2 score 10 cgpa?
If her marks are good in all subj....
will there be 10 cgpa pattern when i will give board in 2018 or 2019??
acc.. to...new... trms..of CBSE... the CCE pattern will be last for this yr. only...


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To score 10 CGPA is not include ur marks.... as ur behaviour to teachers nd school is also included..ur co-curricular marks is also..seen on the basis of this nd ur marks. u can score above 9.4 CGPA .

Have confidence in ur self....
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In your 10th marks are not only the basis your other activities like participation in activites and sports and other things and your discipline should be the best then u can get 9.6 or above
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