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The navy of Rajendra Chola I went to South -East Asia and defeated the forces of kingdom of Shrivijya.This restored the Chola's flourishing trade with South-East Asia and southern China.Internal conflicts and and frequesnt wars against neighbouring kingdoms led to fall of the kingdom and navy of Rajendra Chola I
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The Chola navy played a vital role in the expansion of   chola empire including the conquest of Ceylon islands and naval rides on Srivijaya present day Indonesia.Cholas have maintained small but potent naval forces based inland in the Kaveri river.There were serious efforts in the period of the Pallava king Simavishnu to control the piracy in South East Asia and to establish a tamil friendly regime in the Malay Peninsula.However ,much insight into the naval activities of Cholas has been gathered from Periplus of the Erythrean sea.