so , today's topic is "myself and my india".this topic seems very , the fact is i am a indian and i am very proud to write this essay.
my name is sania risha mondal.i wont say that i live in india instead , i will say than i am an indian.i am in India since my birth and my parents are Indians as well.

this is true that I am a litlr modern girl while India is a country of traditions.but still I am very happy and I feel very proud to be in India as an Indian.

I would mention a quote about India which will prove my above mentions.

“be the change you want to say” ---mahatma Gandhi……and feel proud to be an Indian.

This quote has been said by gandhiji whom we call bapu as well and the words written after that is added by me.

We Indians don’t  just say but also do what we want to make our country.

There are many great inventions of India which we even don’t care of knowing but today I will make you all proud by telling those inventions.

Some of India’s inventions are:

*crucible steel.


*mysorean rockets.

*incense clock.



*iron and mercury koherer.

And many more.

India may be a traditional country but besides this there is what I told about the inventions which makes me proud to say that I am an Indian.

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