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5 \sqrt{7} +3 \sqrt{2} are irrational numbers
But think they are rational number.So we can write it in the form of p/q
5 \sqrt{7}  +3 \sqrt{2} =a/b(where a,b are co primes)
5 \sqrt{7} +3 \sqrt{2} =a/b
send 5 root 7 to the right side
then we get
3 root 2=a/b-5 root 7
3=a-5 root b/root 2 b
Above we can see that 3 is rational but on the right side they are irrational
so our assumption is wrong
5 root 7+3 root 2 is irrational number
3 5 3
check qustn papr
ok wait
now i corrected it