Yes Air do have Weight known as ATMOSPHERIS PRESSURE AND ITS UNIT IS PASCAL=kg/m square
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yes right exp
of course
Hey Grover,

Air has weight, To prove this, I've an activity for you to understand more.

Our Aim- To prove that air has weight
Materials needed- 2 balloons, a scale, and a stick, some thread.

Procedure:- 1> Inflate the balloons with air,Inflate one with more and the other with less air.
2> Tie, a knot, and tie a thread with the balloon.
3> tie both the balloons to the scale

Observation:- You'll see that one of the balloons with more air, will make the other with less air go up. Remember, Air of weight is also known as Atmospheric Pressure.

Conclusion:- This proves that air has weight.

Any doubts? Please leave it in the comment section below.
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