A man standing on the deck of a ship is 12 m above water level.He observes that the angle of elevation of the top of a cliff is 45 degree and the angle of depression of the base of the cliff is 30 degree.calculate the distance of the cliff from the ship and the height of the cliff.(take √3=1.732)



The height of cliff is 32.784 m
height is equal to 12m +12 root 3m total is equal to 12+12(1.732)
which is equal to 32.794
sorry 32.784
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In a triangle ABC, AB/BC = Tan = 45° Than, AB = BC= 12 m------------------(1) In a triangle DCB, CB/DC = Tan 30°, CB = 12m(given) Than, DC = 12√3 --------------------(2) To find height of cliff adding 1 and 2 we get 12+12*1.732= 32mtr (approx) Distance of cliff is 12 mtr
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