Intense or prolonged exposure to the event, including geographic proximityWitnessing or sustaining an injuryPerceiving a threat to themselves or loved onesOther major life stressors, such as parental divorce or the death or hospitalization of a family memberDeath of parents, siblings, or close friendsHaving parents who are traumatized themselves by the eventDisruption in daily routines, residence, or schoolTelevision exposure following the event, even if the child was not directly affected
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Many children are exposed to trauma and lifethreatening
situations. During the last few
decades, thousands of children have been
exposed to terrorism. No child is immune to the
traumatic effects of terrorism, whether they are in
Oklahoma, New York, Bosnia, Israel, Palestine, Iraq,
Lebanon, Rwanda, Kashmir, or Darfur.
Millions of children of the world learn about terrorist
acts through watching television.
. Food and medicine
remain the top priorities in the affected area.
Meanwhile, the emotional health of these traumatized
children is neglected, and they live with fear,
apprehension, and anger for years to come.
There are no scientific reports published on the
effect of terrorism on the children of Iraq.a Few
reports were published on the effect of terrorism on
Palestinian children.
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Children are the most innocent of us. For their innocence they are also the worst sufferers between us. Due to some personal, social and individual problems most of the children suffer from mental problems and for that they become terrorists. For example, many children have to suffer some lifethreatening problems like parental divorce, severe poverty, lack of parental counselling, guide and support, and any deathshakening news like any death of close relative, siblings or trusty friends.