AdvantagesChemical fertilizer can be made much faster unlike the natural fertilizerIt has much more NPK, usually around 20 to 60 percent, natural fertilizer usually only has a max. of about 14 percentIf it is made according to the soil that it will be used on, it will do nothing but grow a healthy plant

DisadvantagesPuts acid in the soilStrengthens pestecides(they become stronger and more resistant to chemicals that should keep them away)Other than NPK it contains inert filler and maybe some unnesesary chemicalsIt has very little carbon which is a key element in plantsIt has no energy, so it can only help the plant when there is enough organic matter around from where it can get the energy, otherwise it burns the roots and destroys the plantChemical fertilizer also get a lot of water out of the soil which it contaminated and therfor pollute waterIt degrades ecosytemsIt releases a green house gas called nitrous oxide
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