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Measures to have clean india
dont throw plastic bags or plastic materials around the surroundings 
dont spit or defecate in the open or in the public places
grow trees
dont throw harmful chemical substance in the water resources which makes the water dirty
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5 points r reqiired
The measure that r to be taken to keep india clean r as follows
We can make environment clean and less polluted by employing effective measures. We should therefore, attend to the following point in this respect: 

1. Renewable resources should be used at that rate in which they are being replenished. 

2. Silviculture should be started to replenish forests for producing raw materials and increasing the area under forests. 

3. Large scale killing of animals should be banned, e.g. if we kill more snakes for their skin, the population of rats and mice will increase and that will cause heavy damage to crops. 

4. Natural habitat of animals should be preserved. 

5. Monitoring the number of wild animals in sanctuaries be done. 

6. Poaching should be banned. 

7. Concerned officials should make surveys. 

8. Uncontrolled felling of trees should be curbed.
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