The Uses of Acids in Our Daily Life

Benzoic acidIts salt are used to preserve foodCarbonic acidTo make carbonated drinksEthanoic acidA main compound of vinegarHydrochloric acidTo clean metals before electroplating / household cleaning / leather processing / swimming pool maintenanceNitric acidProduction of fertilisers, explosives, etching and dissolution of metals (purification and extraction of gold)Sulphuric acidTo make detergent, polymer and fertilisers.Tartaric acidManufacturing of soft drinks, provide tartness to food, as an emetic (a substance to induce vomiting)

The Uses of Bases in Our Daily Life

AmmoniaProduction of fertilisers (ammonium and nitrate salts), used in the manufacture of nitric acid, neutralise the acid (in the petroleum industry) and prevent premature coagulation in natural / synthetic latex.Aluminium hydroxideManufacture other aluminium compound and to make gastric medicine (antacid)Calcium hydroxideTo make cement, limewater, neutralise the acidity of soil and application of sewage treatment.Sodium hydroxideUsed in the manufacturing of soaps, detergents, and cleaners.Magnesium hydroxideSuspension of magnesium hydroxide in water are used as an antacid, used as an antiperspirant armpit deodorant and as a non-hazardous alkali to neutralise acidic wastewater.
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