Last week,Your friend was hurt when a basketball hit him.Discuss with your partner what safety rules should be followed in the school playground.How can these be implemented?
1.How could you help?
2.What could you thunk of?
3.What would you suggest?Why?
4.What warning could be?




games are every important to be played.they has a great role in our helps us to stay is not neccessary that we will not get hurt while playing.we even get hurt while playing but this really doesn't means that we will stop playing.some safety rules should be there and they should also be strictly followed.

there should be some safety rule which should be followed. i will give the important ones only.

there should be first aid facility.the person who gets  hurt can receive immediate first aid if there is any such facility.

there should be a elder who can handle these situations.if anyone such is present then if anyone gets hurt then he or she can take that person to the hospital if neccessary.

we should play as taught by our teachers and elders.we should not try any new moves as we can get hurt.

we should not push anyone as he or she may get severe injuries .

we  should  not  hit  the basket ball, foot ball or any  other      type of ball  on  anyone' s  face or body as it may cause fractures.

we should concentrate on the game so that we won't hurt anyone by mistakingly.

in this way we will be able to help those children who gets hurt and they wont have much pain later as well.

now i will write that how these safety methods can be implemented:

first aid facilities can be implemented by arranging materials of first aid from everyone in the team and give the responsibility to bring the box everyday to a player who is capable of doing so.

the players should all be honest and they should play a fair game.if anyone tries to harm a player then he or she should be this way, no one will try to harm anybody.

we should practise everyday in order to prevent any cause of injuries or fractures.

we should be fresh enough to concentrate in the game.this can happen only if we do good things and not fight to anyone.

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