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My village is very big.There are big orchads,trees and many people.Most of the people do farming and cultivation.I love my village and often go there.But one thing i dislike about my village is people make their children work at homes and at fields with them.he children are future of our country and if they are only treated like this then what about our nation?Only rich people are able to send their children to high-profile schools but this is wrong.Children are supposed to go to government schools bu the condition there is also getting worse and worse.To help them make their future bright we should make aware the villagers about the importance of education by organising meeting in the village.This way we can help
to improve the literacy in our village.
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village usually refers to the places  which are rural areas.the people living in villages are usually uneducated or illiterate.they mostly live their life farming and doing other small jobs like fishing and by doing hand work.the children of these villages doesn't have enough money to afford the fees of be some people have money but their are no schools in these rural places.

i am sania and i am from kolkata.i was sent to my aunt's house in kolkata by my parents for studying in english medium iam back to my own village where i was born almost after about 12 years.i have already completed my collage and now i have that much capability that is needed to educate these villagers.

the first step that i will take is that , i will make these people understand the importance of education.after this i will establish my own school with the money that i have earned by doing job while i was in school won't be very big but would be big enough for these people to come and get knowledge.i hope that by doing this i will surely be able to improve the illiteracy of my village and i will also make sure that when these people will become educated , they will make the people of other villages educated as well.
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