It is the source of our life. If the environment is not clean we can lead to health problems or health diseases.If the environment is not clean it can effect on our physical and Biological health problems. Society is one of a component in human life and it is never independent of environment.Society is playing an vital role in spoiling and degenerating of the environment.There are some problems in environment such as rapid growth of population, raise of pollution in air and water.
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environment is the place where we not only consists of human beings but also tiny creatures , animals , birds , trees , water bodies , deserts etc.we can call it nature as well.

let me talk about the state of environments just a few years ago.
at that time , environment was full of were seen even on grasses.trees were full of leaves.there was almost no dead tree.fresh air blew day and night.birds sang in the morning with their beautiful voice.people enjoyed the bath in the open streams.the day of every living being was just fantastic.
now , let me talk about today;s environment.

alas , today's environment has nothing but a large amount of dirt and villages there are still ponds and streams present but in cities there is no trace of them.people are cutting trees for their need.we are destroying the atmosphere by the gases of our vehicles.we dont even try to plant some trees.we just live our life but a life full of disease.different sorts of health problems are occurring because of this.our day always ends with great stress.

so , it has become very important clean our environment.we should try not to use vehicles always as it gives out a lot of harmful gases that has a great contribution in air pollution.we should plant trees and plants as cutting of them is also spoiling the environment.we should not throw the wastes in the rivers or lakes as it highly pollutes the water present in this way we will be able to save our beautiful environment.