There r mainly 4 basic forces are present which r -electromagnetic forces
                                                                       - weak nuclear force
                                                                       -strong nuclear force
                                                                       -gravitatnal force
strong nuclear force= in such force the particle are kept close to each other and has short range... hence are not easy to separate easily. Its main job is to hold together the subatomic particles of the nucleus.
weak nuclear force= in such type of force the particles r kept at a large distance and has a large range... hence easy to separate is the interaction that interacts on subatomic particle.
Strong force is a nuclear force which is carried out by spin 1 particles called gluons. The strong force helps in binding the quarks together. The quarks are elementary particles that exist in triplets to form protons,neutrons and their antiparticles. These gluons interact only with themselves and the quarks. These gluons bind 3 quarks together or three antiquarks together or a quark and an antiquark together. 

The weak nuclear force is carried out by w⁺(W plus), w⁻(W minus), z⁰(Z naught) boson particles of spin 1. They are collectively known as the mass vector.This force is responsible for radioactivity. This force acts on particles of spin 1/2, like electrons. This force is weak because the force is carried between short distances as each of the mass vector particles have a mass of about 100 GeV(1 eV is 1.6×10⁻¹⁹ J). These particles are unlike photons or theoretical gravitons, which carry no mass of their own, which enables them to act over considerably long distances. 

Moreover, the strong nuclear force is stable for a long time period while the weak nuclear force is unstable and are stable only for very short time periods. This is the main difference between the forces.
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