the bond that a child develops with his

mother can be never be severed. you grew as an

organism inside her for nine months. she

carried you and sustained  you, sharing her

sustenance with you through you umbilical

cord. when you are born the cord is severed.

it is never severed in her heart. that bond

lasts forever. as we grow up we become our

own people and may come to forget that

woman who nurtured and loved us. but

remember this, she will never forget you and

never stop loving you.

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i thank u a lot for giving such a wonderful poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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During times when I’m alone

Thoughts and memories flood my mind

A gentle reminder of a special friend

In my world, who’s been so kind.


A friend for life,

This is the gift I hold dear

Who stays by my side

Who is always near

To make sure I am fine

With worries few

A loving companion

This is what I’ve found in you


I think of you now

And wonder how I’d be

If you weren’t my friend

If I could never see

Your loving gaze

And gentle ways

I fear what life would be

Without you in my days


A trusting being of light and love

Who is with me near and far

A loving friend, gift from above

You are my guiding star


The wind beneath my wings

The one who will see me through

I wonder, how could I go on

If I were without you.


We share so much that we hold dear

So many dreams and sorrowful tears

A lifeline cast throughout years


My friend, you are like no other

You are my strength and it is clear

My friend, you are my brother


For many years we’ve shared a bond

The ups and downs, through thick and thin

A link between us, so profound

For, this is how we've always been.


A faithful companion whom I do trust

There's never been a doubt

And, in this life, there is a must

One I cannot live without

In background support or by my side

You've never let me down

You've kept me from 'flying off the handle,'

You've helped me hold my ground


We share the highs,

You've consoled me when low

You do not try to deceive

And, I admit, for I surely know

Without you, I'd deeply grieve


Hearts cry together when times are hard

We understand without a word

And when the world has given us glee

We share this too,

You and me!



My friend, my soul mate, my dear dear one

This poem for you is penned

For, throughout time

You’ve stood by me

My always, lifetime friend

I love you!

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u r realy a wonderful poet!!!!!!!!!!!!
thnx dear