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Is being lucky really more important than being talented? 

To be completely honest I am not sure. It is a fact though, that without any luck it would be almost impossible to nourish a career at the world scale. Being in the right place at the right time is something that can get your idea, product or service pushed through to people wanting to help you. However, you need that something to be pushed in the first place.

Some people might say that talent is something quite abstract and not always consistent with what a person wants to do in their live. Therefore, constant work, learning new things and finding motivation to develop oneself many times proves to be way more valuable than talent itself. Furthermore, talents alone are nothing more than one's predispositions for some particular jobs or areas of expertise, they do not make people wise, hard work does. 

To wrap it all up, I would just want to say that even though talents make life easier for a person, it does not make them successful in life. Luck on the other hand is a factor that can give that one push which can elevate your career to levels you have never dreamt of before in you life. 
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