A. Electrical energy to Sound energy
b. Sound energy into Electrical energy
c. Kinetic energy to Potential energy
d. Electrical energy to Light and Heat energy
e.Chemical energy to Electrical energy to Light energy.


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A.  Electrical energy to mechanical kinetic energy (for a small ball to hit the hemispherical metal surface), and mechanical vibrations in to sound energy. (waves)

B. Sound energy to mechanical vibrations of a diaphragm (kinetic energy) and then to electrical energy (from electromagnetic energy - as there is a magnetic field).

C. Mechanical Kinetic energy to Newton's gravitational potential energy.

D.  Electrical energy into chemical & internal energy (changes the state of pixels to change colors), then to (electromagnetic) light energy.  Due to resistances, electrical energy is converted to heat energy too.

E.  The chemical energy in the cells is converted into electrical energy and that is converted in to heat energy.  The heat energy is emitted via electromagnetic radiation - in visible spectrum range - so light energy.

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