I want information on tsunami which came in Bhuj, Gujarat in 2004.
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The Great Sumatra earthquake and tsunami of December 26, 2004 caused majordevastations on Indian coasts. In the process, it underlined many importantlessons for chalking out risk reduction programme. Important experience wasgained by the country in handling a major natural disaster affecting the largestever geographical region spread over several states. While the country was quitesensitized towards earthquakes, the tsunami took the public and the scientificcommunity by surprise. To the already incomplete agenda of seismic safetyprogrammes, was added the issue of tsunamis.

The scenario caused by the 2004 event must be seen in the context of the January 26,2001 Bhuj earthquake. Since 1950 Assam – Tibet earthquake (M~ 8.6), India had not had amajor earthquake of M>7.0 until 2001. The 1993 Latur earthquake (M 6.2) had caused 7,928deaths but had not created proportionate impact on the psyche of the public; it was viewed as arural earthquake since almost all deaths were caused by collapse of random rubble masonryhouses. After the 2001 earthquake (M 7.6; 13,805 deaths), people for the first time saw on theirtelevision screens modern reinforced concrete buildings fall like a pack of cards
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On 26 December 2004, one of the biggest natural disasters in modern times occurred in Southeast Asia: a seaquake triggered two tsunamis that devastated large areas in 13 countries and claimed some 215,000 lives. Around 15 million people were affected and 1.7 million lost their homes. Swiss Solidarity received 227.7 million francs in donations, which the foundation has used by the end of 2014 to implement 183 aid projects in the countries most affected. In addition, an impact evaluation was carried out shortly before the tenth anniversary of the disaster.

                                         Although the major impact was felt in India.
The people mostly affected by the tsunami were the local fishermen coming from fishing communities and over 50,000 fishing vessels were damaged by the waves. The tsunami disaster has had a significant impact on the livelihoods of some of the more vulnerable sections of society along the coasts of the affected states. Majorities were probably at or below the poverty line and about a third may be from the underprivileged and socially excluded groups.it is one of the worst natural disasters in modern history.

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