Pencil, it’s one of the aged inventions and is extensively used writing apparatus yet in the world. Pencils were used far back at the times of Stone Age. At our ancestor’s time, pencils were crafted out of chalky rocks which acted as the tip and charred sticks. These were utilized to illustrate animals and their biographies on the cave walls. Later, as the Greek and Romans took power, they fashioned a new pencil! They used sticks of lead as their latest pencil and used it to do writings on papyrus.  Years later, came another modern pencil.  It’s created out of graphite-black carbon-as the drawing material, of course. In the year 1564 a deposit of pure graphite was in Burrowdale which is currently a state in England. The graphite was such a high superiority that it could be slashed into two or more square parts and could easily squeeze between two pieces of wood.  Even though it proved to be amazing graphite, problems started arousing! During the French Napoleonic Wars, the supplies of pencils were cut down! Even though of this problem, Nicholas Jacques Conte came up with an idea and saved the war! He discovered that he could use an inferior quality of graphite to make better pencils if he powered the graphite first and assorted the graphite with muddy clay. So he did that and formed it into sticks and fired. There was even an advantage to this pencil….it could drew darker or lighter depending on how well it is heated. Few more innovations took part but all were based on Conte’s invention. He is truly the father of pencils. Thankyou :) Hope you liked it….please vote it the brainiest answer.