In cells, cytoplasm is the intracellular space or the space b/t the nucleus of the cell the outer covering of the cell where all organelles(membrane bound) are present.
protoplasm is overall content of the cell consist of both cytoplasm and nucleoplasm .

eg; of diffusion - incense stick(aggarbatti)
                      - perfume 
e'g of osmosis- food preservatives like pickes(salting of food)
                     -dialysis in medicals
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Protoplasm is the living content of a cell that is surrounded by a plasma is the general term of cytoplasm.protoplasm is composed of small molecules such as ions amino acids,monosaccharides and water and macomolecules such as nucleic acids,proteins lipids and polysaccharides.
difference in protoplasm and cytoplasm
Both protoplasm and cytoplasm are same and are surrounded by plasma membrane.
example of osmosis
1) swelling of raisin in water
2)shrinking of raisin when kept in salty water
3)when human RBC are kept in hypertonic sol. it shrink due to osmosis
4)when same is kept in isotonic sol. it remain same as it was.
5)when same is kept in hypotonic sol., haemolysis occurs i.e., RBC bursts.
Example of diffusion
1)spreading of perfume smell in other room other than where it was opened.
2)fish inhale in water by the process diffusion.
3)oxygen is transported in our body by diffusion through cell.
4)Plants take Co2 by the process of diffusion.
5)spreding of smoke from one place to other is also an example of diffusion.
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