For the development of our own, individual nations,we including the government, can take and are taking different steps. One of the most important steps for the development of nation, is cleaniless.By keeping our nation clean and dirt-free, our nation can be a better and developed one.Besides, that it will also mean a disease-free nation,and an ideal place for its citizens and people to live, too.

But, thats not all. Cleaniness will also have its impact on attracting the tourists of foreign countries.Hundreds of tourists visit different countries,every year. As, they visit all  the historical places of different countries, they do not just observe its worldy beauty and antiqueness, they mostly observe the cleaniness of the nation. As they hate garbage and many unclean places. So, cleaniness will also attract the tourists, and will nourish tourism of our nation.

So, as far in this discussion, we see that cleaniness is a major issue. And to strengthen this factor, the government (of own individual nation, those who interested in this subject) has to come forward and take steps for controlling it.
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