To be divisible by 3 ..4+7+6+*+#+0{ for convenience # is used) ..should be divisible by 3. 4+6+7=17....18 cannot be as the one Of the no.s would have tone zero ..The next factor is 21 ,24,27..etc To be divisible by 11..4+6+#=7+*+0--->#+3=*.... The numbers differ by three, the possible pairs are (1,4{5}),(2,5{7}),(3,6{9})....Back to divisibilty by 3 ,which of the following pair when added to 17(4+6+7) will yield a value divisible by 3.(1,4) Will not be.(2,5) can be as 17+2+5=24 which is divisible by 3... Therefore the numbers will 5 and 2 respectively..476520