As we all know that in village there are many people who suffer from malnutrition.
They cant get two squares of meal daily and buying milk for their children is luxury for the family. They cant afford to send their children to school.So we should start white revolution act  which means distributing milk to those people in villages  who cant afford to buy milk. We should distribute nutritious food to the villagers. We should ask help from  NGO .And we should give free education to children from village.
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1.Giving free seeds to the farmers.
2.Building up of good roads in the locality and villages.
3.Building up of Schools so that children can be educated.
4.Building up of Hospitals.
5.Providing availability of electricity in the villages.
6.Providing availability of water in the villages.
7.Proper sewage system
8.Providing toilets in the houses.
9.Planting of more trees , afforestation.
10.Street lights 
11.Transportation system should be there.