Rainbow at noon more rain soon  
a year of snow ,a year of plenty
no weather is ill ,if the weather be still
the first and the last frosts are the worst
rain before seven fine before eleven
 birds on a telephone wire predicts the coming of rain
pigs gather leaves and straw before a strom.
chimney smoke descends our nice weather ends
cold is night when the stars shine bright
three days rain will empty and sky
6 2 6
"A river flood,fishes good"
"After clouds a clear sun"
"After rain comes heat"
"A March wisher,never a good fisher"
"Comets bring cold weather"
"Hail brings frost with its tail"
"Mist in spring is worst than poison"
"It never thunders but it rains"
"A dirt bird sings we shall have a good rain"
"Ughun is water on the fire ."

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