Many Brahmins priests were considered corrupt because they performed animal sacrifices and practised other Vedic rituals. Resentment of such rituals and continued anger about unbalanced social power prompted the development of new intellectual teachings and philosophies. These new ideas maintained that some aspects Of Hindu tradition and ritual had merit. They never directly challenged veil gods or beliefs but siddharta. Did the main features of Bhakti are Bhakti emphasised devotion and individual worship of god or goddess rather than perfomance of elaborate sacrifices 2. According to this system of belief if a devotee worship the chosen diety will appear in the form in which he or she may desire
Silent features of bhakti
1) single minded devotion to one god
2) bhakti preachings discorded the sacrifices and rituals as mode of worship 
3)they preached  in monotheism  
4)bhakti saints regarded knowledge as constituent of bhakti
5) they discorded the caste system 
6)they disregarded the domination of priestly class and sanskrit language