The people who fight for the freedom of our country or defend our country from the enemies are known as freedom fighters. Our freedom fighters give us freedom from the British rulers who treat Indians as slaves. They are the one who deserves homage. Homage means giving respect. Some of the freedom fighters was: mahatma Gandhi , Bhagat Singh ,Subhash Chandra boss etc.
     Mahatma Gandi,Rani Lakshmi Bai ,Jawaharlal Nehru ,Sardar Patel were the among  those people who sacrifised themselves for our freedom.They were the freedom fighters who led the people against british but not just the leaders but every indian at that time who supported these patriots should not be forgetted .My homoage to these patriots the leaders as well as the followers is not something which could be measured .
Not just the people who fought against British but I express my due respect to  great souls  like our first ever freedom fighter Rana Pratap.