a.what are you painting? has no proper shape.
c.i don''t like it.
d.they are fool.
               (2) i take down.
b.i wanted to inform her.
c.has passed away. there any thing else.

a. it is important to be disciplined to be healthy and a balanced life.
b.discipline and responsibility inculcates in us a sense of duty. is necessary in every walk of life. is important to instil it very early in life.
                        (2) aims at the physical, spiritual and moral development of man.
b. games are a mean of keeping the body healthy and fit.
c.condition of happiness is a good health of life. aims at developing human leader ship qualities and games play a vital role init.
                         (3)                                                                                        a. reporters are people who collect information  about important or interesting event.
b.some of them write articles for newspapers about these events.
c.others gives news reports on radios or television programmes.
d. reporters try to collect the information personally. collect the news sometimes they risks their lives.

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